Update: Shane Drops SAP Blame Game

According to Crossderry Blog, Shane Co. has issued a statement (not a press release as I earlier reported) stating the obvious regarding its failed SAP implementation: the cost overruns and other problems were the fault of unnamed systems integration partners. The statement further says that SAP Services rode to the rescue, got the system going, and generally saved the day. Shane indeed now says it has a strong business relationship with SAP and will be counting on SAP to help get Shane through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Okay everyone? The lesson learned: bad software doesn’t kill companies, bad management does. Second lesson learned: pick your implementation partners wisely, or pay the price in the long run.

Third lesson learned: when blaming someone else looks too easy, it probably is.

5 thoughts on “Update: Shane Drops SAP Blame Game

  1. Hi Josh,
    Quick clarification… I don’t believe that Shane has put out a press release. We are using the statement and can attribute it to Shane, however.

    Best, Paul

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