Twitter Hacked, World Comes to End, No One Notices

I was going to write a smarmy post about Twitter being hacked out of existence yesterday, but the San Francisco Chronicle’s Bad Reporter summed it up so well I’ll just replicate it here:

bp2In case you’re reading this on your iPhone, here’s what the text says:

Millions of Users Unable to Tweet Live About Being Unable to Use Twitter

Twitter Owners Promise Backup System So Tweeters Can Tweet About Not Being Able to Tweet.

Is the damage already done?

The caption under the picture of the boy in front of the computer reads:

Boy tweeting; not tweeting during standstill

My point? Or, should I say, Don Asmussen’s point? Unless you’re trying (unsuccessfully) to crowdsource the Iranian revolution (a worthy cause, to be sure) or figure out where the best roach coach in LA is now parked, the Twitter outage was, IMO, a major non-event. Though you have to wonder how the Twitters-in-chief left themselves so open to a denial of service attack. And you have to feel sorry for all the people who were left with so much time on their hands, or thumbs, that they were forced to do something useful instead of tweeting. I also wonder if you could measure the net gain (or loss, if that’s possible) to the GDP of having Twitter down for a day. My guess is that if you could measure it, the impact of a day without Twitter would be a rounding error in all of our lives. Which is what I think a day with Twitter is all about too.

Gotta run, someone just texted me…..

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