Managing The Supply Chain: A New, Noteworthy Blog

I spoke recently to a supply chain exec as part of a project I am working on, and found him to be one of the more insightful and interesting members of the supply chain brotherhood I’ve run across in quite a while. His name is Anupam Singh, and he’s a member of the supply chain team at furniture retailer Roomstore, and a seasoned veteran of the supply chain wars.   He claims our conversation inspired him to start a blog, and, if this first post is any indication, Anupam’s blog will be one you’ll want to keep an eye one. His discussion of what constitutes true demand in the supply chain is an important addition to the perennial discussion of why real demand — demand that you can count on for planning purposes — is more elusive than we would like it to be. Welcome to the blogosphere, Anupam.

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