Larry Ellison Unveils Fusion 1.0

Here are the basics:

Version 1.0 includes the following modules:


Human Capital Management

Sales and marketing


Project portfolio management



Notably, there is no manufacturing module. So the focus will be on the service industries.

Also notable: Each of these individual components will be deployable in a SOA architecture as standalone modules attached to an existing non-Fusion application suite, such as eBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel, and, as Larry made a point of pointing out, SAP.

The other highlight is the user experience. It’s a pretty good looking system, having seen it under NDA (which has now blissfully been lifted).  I’ve seen a fair amount of it, more than Larry will be showing at Open World, unless everyone stays there through dinner. It’s definitely a beautifully designed  system.

More to follow.

2 thoughts on “Larry Ellison Unveils Fusion 1.0

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  2. Hey Josh – have you compared Fusion v1 against SAP’s BBD? How or why would Oracle’s outcome on this new product be different than SAP’s? One obvious difference in the apps is that Fusion is “SaaS ready” (whatever that means – I presume by this Oracle means multi-tenant). But that wasn’t the only flaw in SAP BBD that caused BBD v1 to fail.



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