Sapphire Haikus: My Personal Tweetdeck from Sapphire

My friend and colleague Susan Scrupski is here at Sapphire harassing me to become a Twit, as SAP c0-CEO Jim Snabe accidently (on-purpose?) called members of the Twittersphere in his Day 1 Keynote.

I refuse. Too terse for me. Can’t make it without 1200 words. Decided to try. Here goes. Probably some longer than 140 words. Tough twitties…

SAP has redone the global conference: stunning new layout. Globally connected with Frankfurt. Massive communications center in the middle of the show floor. More than awesome.

I think SAP is getting its mojo back. Bill and Jim’s keynotes looked and sounded good. Lots to prove on the execution side, but the stage is set for a second chance.

ByD will have a high-level scripting language that will give partners the capability to build value-added apps on top of both ByD and the Business Suite. With this tool partners now have a way to monetize their participation in the ByD channel.  The strategy looks complete.

BTW, ByD works.

On-demand strategy is solidifying. Doug Merritt is the go-to guy for consolidating the strategy and go-to-market across the company. Edge apps from the on-demand development groups – such as Carbon Impact – will help define innovative edge for SAP in the market. More needed, but great start.

Vishal announces the resurrection of NetWeaver: Adding mobility to the stack. Ditching the portal. Making it an orchestration platform. Good idea to keep the brand and evolve it.

SAP’s Value Engineering effort is one of the great unknowns of the company. Thousands of customers have participated in a growing database that can help define benchmarks for driving value in SAP implementations. This is the foundation of a market-leading effort to define – and eventually guarantee – ROI to the customers.

In-memory databases are real, and can make a huge difference to customers trying to sort through their massive data sets. SAP is going to have a big impact on the analytics market once they can take this concept to market beyond the BI Accelerator and APO products now available.

Coming: an in-memory database/analytics appliance. Could be transformative, assuming we know what to do with all that data in real-time. Much needed: next generation analytics, very line of business/industry focused, that can transform petabytes of data and in-memory analytics into real action.

Sybase deal: still looks expensive, unless you consider $5.8 billion a price that is a combination of a universal golden handcuff and a talisman to ward off hostile takeovers. Probably both will work. Now to swallow this one as quickly and elegantly as possible. Bill McDermott says Sybase will be accretive from Day 1.

Jim Snabe flew from Frankfurt to be at the Orlando show this morning. Will he manage to be awake and accretive on Day 3??

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