As a consultant, my vendor clients are a mix of the top enterprise software companies (5 out of the top 7 by revenue) as well as a large number of start-ups and early stage companies. End-user clients come from a broad mix of industries, including high-tech manufacturing, utilities, health care and life sciences, financial services, and state and local government, among others.

Areas of Coverage Include:
(in no particular order)
• HRMS and Talent Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Business Analytics
• Systems Management
• Mobile Computing
• Social/Web 2.0
• Cloud/SaaS/On-demand
• Middleware and Applications Integration
• Application Development and Deployment
• Technology Infrastructure
• Hardware/software Integration
In addition, I have a special focus on emerging trends in:
• Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment
• Next Generation On-demand Services
• Gamification
• Advanced Training and Learning Management
• Predictive Analytics
I also try follow a number of specific industries, particularly as they relate to working with my end-user clients. These industries include:
• High-tech Manufacturing
• Utilities
• Health Care and Life Sciences
• Financial Services
• State and Local Government